Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The neighborgapbridge is an Integrated Learning (IL) class at Otis College of Art and Design. I am mentioning it for two reasons:

1. The instructor in the class is Patricia Kovic, and is the woman who introduced the laser cutter to me, and...

2. There was a laser cut project in the class which I helped set up.

The ngb, like all IL classes, has partners, and its partners are the neighbors of Otis. This includes The Westchester Senior Center, The Westchester Public Library, KJ's Restaurant, and The Custom Hotel (I'm sure I left someone out, sorry). The class promotes community involvement - whether that community is the class, Otis, the neighborhood and further beyond out into the city.

The above is what what termed a ghetto necklace and was branded with ngb. The forms used (shown in the amazing flash on the main page) were based on combining the forms of two very dissimilar objects and tracing their silhouette. They were cut from clear Plexiglas that was then spray painted a shocking pink.

I hope to be in that IL next semester (Spring).

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