Sunday, October 24, 2010

Frog In a Lightbox


By Veruca + Veronica (Jackie Gusic and Lauren Ulmer).

Quoteed from NextFab Studio via Flickr:

We started designing a suspended fixture that could be taken seriously. After talking through some options and lights we have come to love, we realized that light fixtures were often taken too seriously and we wanted to do something a little more fun and cheeky. In terms of technique, we first explored the idea of shaving the wood to a thinness that would allow light to pass through it, but we quickly determined that to be unfeasible and turned to using the given materials at face value. We then started thinking of the fixture in terms of layers, and what we could express in layers. We thought the layers of a dissected frog would be recognizable enough, yet unexpected. We think of it as part microscope, part slide viewer…or just a frog in a box.

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