Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Not sure what function it has...

Courtesy of louise lynn.


  1. More:

  2. Thanks Andrew - that's amazing. I will have top post an addendum.

  3. Hi, Louise here!
    As you can see, I got the idea from Niklas Roy and Jari Suominen's project 'Back In'.

    I decided to have a try myself as I have access to a laser cutter at college. I've played it on my record player at home and it conjures up some strange sounds. It's interesting to hear the 'blip' in each loop of the perfect circle tracks - probably created by the intensity of the laser as it begins to engrave. I'm going to make another to explore this further.

    As soon as I get a better picture and film it in action I will let you know! I've done a couple of other laser cutter projects which I need to put on the net too :)


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