Thursday, April 21, 2011

NLC Design #8: Daniel Eatock

Wasn't the last NLC Design about bleeding markers too?

Anyways, this is better.

This is one of Daniel Eatock's Pantone Pen Prints. Basically, what he did was create a little jig that held all of Pantone's pens and rested it on a stack of paper for a month - the resulting prints where numbered 1 through 73 and sold for $1 per their edition number (1/73 = $1.00 and 73/73 = $73.00).

Over the summer I plan on making my own case study bed and making an instructable to go along with it and I was hard pressed to come up with a headboard design - I was considering very clear wood with a laser etched grain pattern, but I wasn't feeling it. Now I think I will use pens and let them bleed for a month. I'm not sure what kind, Pantone is too expensive for a 60" wide headboard. Maybe see the results of some from the 99 cent store. Or maybe just sharpies.

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