Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Etsy Rule

This has been brewing for a while, and now it time to drink it (I can't think of a better metaphor - sorry).

So, I've been dissatisfied with for a while - it doesn't have to do with them suspending my account with 100% positive feedback for unknown reasons, but still allowing me to make purchases (curious - isn't it), or how grouping things by color is neither art, design, or a display of any talent, it is the resellers. The resellers that do not hand-make their wares themselves - did you ever look at wedding dresses on Etsy? I find it hard to believe that people working out of their garages all use Chinese models to display their dresses.

This is what killed it for me - if you are wondering.

Because I have limited time to devote to this blog, what time I do spend I feel needs to benefit real artisans and designers employing laser cutters in the creation of their work, and because I do not have the time to search the internet to see if someone has made their work themselves - I will no longer be displaying work solely from stores.

Rules 1: you must have another web source of your work (can be flickr show).
Rule 2: if a person has already been featured on TLC (or the Ponoko roundup) for their store, the post will remain (this goes back to that time thing).

That being said - if you have laser cut work to share please let me know at the. laser. cutter. (remove the spaces;)

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  1. Ugg...this makes me cringe. Thanks for sharing, Sam!


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