Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NLC Design #1

I've had this idea for about a week now: featuring really cool "Not Laser Cut Design". The idea was prompted in part by the previous post, but after seeing the work of the artist/designer/crafter seen bellow I figured it was time to act. So from now on TLC will be complimented with occasional NLC Design posts - and if they are popular a new NLC blog will grow...

Above is a video of Jimmy McBride featured on etsy where he operates his shop Stellarquilts. read more about him at Jimmymcbride.com or his blog at Intergalactic Transport.

I am blown away by his work and branding - it is amazing. I'm a quilter though I don't spend enough time at it - so far Kodiak is the only quilt I've made. and he makes me want to be a better quilter.

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