Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NLC Design #2: Kowloon City

Today was the first day back at school (my last semester of undergraduates!). my desktop background was set as the most beautiful section I have ever seen, but sadly it was from FFFFOUND! and I was unable to back-link and find what it was from. But when my studio teacher, Richard Lundquist, saw the image (today) he knew exactly what it was: Kowloon the walled city.

Having just found out about it I can't give you too much info other than it was an apartment complex in Hong Kong, China that was continually add-on to and then demolished in 1993 (I'm going to leave it there before I misstate too many facts).

The above image is from kowloon_walled_city on flicker.

There is a book available on Kowloon titled City of Darness: Life in Kowloon. At the time of writing it was going for as little as $80-. But there is an alternative... At Zone Of The Free the book (in the parts) available for free download.

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